I want to tell you something Mama to Mama… While having my son was absolutely the most incredible time in my life, it was not without the challenges that can come along with being a brand new mom.

Like many women, I struggled with producing enough milk to satisfy my babe. Cohl was a hungry little boy and I just couldn’t keep up with his demands.  Stress and postpartum anxiety set in and there were lots of times I just wanted to quit breastfeeding. I. Was. Tired!!  When someone recommended lactation cookies to me I wanted to run out and grab some but there were a lot of factors to consider.  My son had reflux so I was on a limited diet. I needed a cookie that was dairy free.  I also wanted to limit my intake of sugars and white flour. Oh, and most importantly, I wanted it to taste really good! When I came up short, I decided to bake my own.

After a lot of research, a ton of trial and error, I gotta say, I created a cookie that met my requirements AND tasted great. My supply perked back up, I felt GOOD and I had a happy baby in my arms. Whew!! When I heard other mommies share their concerns about low supply, I began to share my cookies with them and that was when Milky Mama Cookies was born.  From the bottom of my heart I truly hope these cookies help you like they did me.