Do your cookies contain actual Breast milk?

No, they don’t. You’re not the first to ask but rest assure they are breast milk free!  What they do have is key ingredients (Organic Oats, Flaxseed and Brewer yeast & Shatavari) that can help Mamas bodies produce breast milk.

Do you deliver?

We delivery locally in the Los Angeles area. In fact that’s how most of our Mamas get their milk flowin’. Please note that the delivery day is always THURSDAY. There is a $3 delivery fee within a 15-mile radius. Click here to see our delivery zone. If you are not home (or busy with your babe) we can leave them for you at the secure location of your choice.  If you aren’t in it don’t worry! Email us at jae@madebymama.love and we will make sure cookies can be shipped to you.

Can I pick up?

Certainly! Pick-ups are on FRIDAYS and need to be scheduled in advance. The pick up location is Hollywood CA and the address will be sent to you once your order is complete.

Help! I missed the cut off window to order, and I really need cookies ASAP. Can anything be done?

Don’t stress Mama! In most cases, yes. Please email us at and we will try to work something out.

Do you make cookies without eggs?

Yes! All of our cookies can be made without eggs. Instead of organic eggs we use organic apple sauce.  Our egg-free cookies are made on dedicated equipment.

How often can I eat these cookies?

As often as you like! Mama Jae used to eat a couple (ok, lets be honest, they’re yummy, so a few cookies) a days to boost her supply when it was really low. Once you get to a place where you feel you have a stable amount 1 a day (or even every other day) should do it.

Are these cookies FDA approved?

No, they are not. This website may contain statements of nutritional support. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information and products available on this website are not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified healthcare professional, and you should seek the advice of your healthcare professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes.